We are at the forefront of efforts on raising awareness about respecting and protecting the marine ecosystem.
Since 2018 – the year it was founded – we have been supporting the One Ocean Foundation (OOF), with the aim of promoting a better knowledge of marine biodiversity and of the blue economy.

The sea is life and our survival depends on it.

Our brand has already achieved quite a lot – and much more is currently being researched – to help reduce the amount of plastic and the use of chemicals and to improve the quality of the components and materials that make up our swimsuit lines. To achieve these goals, we collaborate as the main partner of the One Ocean Foundation and Centro Velico Caprera on the M.A.R.E. project (Marine Adventure for Research and Education). It is a citizen science program aimed at promoting scientific dissemination and research on the subject of oceans through the collection of data to help improve activities aimed at reducing impacts.

The project

The project included several weeks of sailing aboard the One catamaran, to monitor pollution from chemicals and marine biodiversity. The journey involves the collection of samples of zooplanktonic organisms – natural bioindicators of environmental pollution – to monitor the presence and distribution of several marine contaminants in the Italian seas.

In addition to scientific research and monitoring of marine environments, the aim of the project is to disseminate knowledge and awareness on important environmental issues, promoting correct behavior, essential for the preservation of the marine environment. In this regard, a team of biologists, oceanographers and chemists is on board the One catamaran to sample, study and help spread the culture of protecting the marine environment. We support this exploration, including through the dissemination of written scientific articles, because we firmly believe that, in order to grow sustainably as a company, we must change our dialogue with stakeholders, improving communication pertaining to the activities we carry out to support the environment and the sea.


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Other projects focused on the protection of biodiversity organised with OOF


Caprera canyon

Since 2019, OOF has been engaged in studying and protecting the cetacean species present in the biodiversity hotspot of the Caprera Canyon, as this area of the Tyrrhenian is home to as 7 of the 8 species that regularly inhabit the Mediterranean Sea. Since cetaceans are recognised by the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive as essential components of the marine ecosystem, their disappearance could cause serious imbalances to the entire system. The risks for these species consist of: accidental fishing, water pollution, presence of plastics and microplastics and noise pollution. These study and monitoring activities are conducted in partnership with the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) of La Spezia, the University of Insubria and the IAS-CNR Institute of Oristano.

No Plastic in the ocean

OOF and all its partners are engaged in awareness-raising campaigns to reduce the use of plastics. We are doing this, above all, by revising the packaging and adhering to projects focused on removing plastic from beaches and the sea.

  • 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea every day
  • OOF has collected 65 tons of plastic, equivalent to 3,250,000 500 ml bottles.
Training activities with schools and universities

Improving the level of knowledge related to Ocean Literacy in the new generations is the most efficient way to reduce the vulnerability of the sea and to engage students in activities aimed at the protection and preservation of biodiversity.

  • 11,000 schools
  • 190 elementary schools
  • 420 classes involved
  • 8,200 students

Sailing on a sailboat means knowing the sea and respecting it. This is precisely why OOF is a sustainability partner of Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV), the Italian sailing federation, and of Centro Velico Caprera (CVC). OOF supports all regattas with its code of ethics, including the RS21 ITALIAN CLASS that we support as an official partner.