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We firmly believe that every Yamamay product must be created to make the wearer happy, without weighing on the environment. Achieving this goal is the result of a strong internal synergy, valuable external collaborations and a company culture aimed at continuous improvement.

A person is worth as much as the things they care about

If you share the same values and principles as us, we can go a long way together.



Our work is driven by imagination and originality. We like to think that creativity is a tool to help you face life’s challenges with a positive spirit, and that being creative means inventing solutions in harmony with the planet and with people.



For us, the quality dimension is a holistic approach that encompasses several factors: it is the result of the desire to innovate, of corporate social responsibility, of the commitment to reduce emissions, of listening to people’s needs and of attention to and compliance with national and European laws.



For us, being sustainable means building a better future, for everyone. It means working with the shared goal of increasing the value of our company in the medium to long term, while respecting the environment and people. We are committed to transparent communication, the responsible management of resources and processes, product safety, while protecting the territory and respecting people and the environment.



We adopt and continue to seek innovative solutions for our products and processes, including the planning and design phases. Innovation and sustainability are more than just a vocation: this is precisely why our focus is on the continuous integration of these two aspects of growth.

We are responsible for the future and we want to take concrete action on our supply chain, on the use of raw materials and on the choice of collaborators and suppliers who share our values and philosophy

Gianluigi Cimmino, CEO of Yamamay