Why work at Yamamay

We guarantee a dynamic and stimulating work environment. A continuous process of professional enhancement and growth through dedicated training courses as well as welfare measures aimed at improving people’s well-being. Our goal is to increase the level of motivation and satisfaction of employees, creating a sense of belonging to the Company. Because Yamamay is first and foremost a place where you can feel good.

The experience of those who have already chosen us


"At Yamamay I found an open environment, made up of helpful people who care about the well-being of their employees."

l'esperienza di chi ci ha già scelto

"The Company places great importance on product innovation and I love the fact that I can change the future of underwear."

l'esperienza di chi ci ha già scelto

"I've learned so much since I've been here. The training I received has allowed me to advance in my career path and achieve increasingly more important goals."

A healthy environment rests on solid foundations.


Diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion are fundamental values of Yamamay, which we have clearly formalised in our Group Code of Ethics: our environment is free from inequality and harassment.


Parità di genere

Gender equality
Not only equal opportunities at the professional level, but also when it comes to pay. Our remuneration policy favours meritocracy: there is no room for any form of discrimination.

Salute & Sicurezza

Health & Safety
The health and safety of our employees comes first. This is precisely why we are committed to concrete actions shared across all levels, with the adoption of best practices including as part of specific training courses.


In Yamamay, people are our most important asset, a true engine of growth and business innovation.

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About us

We dress millions of women, their partners and future generations to come. We love people and we like to look after them.

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