How to become a Yamamay partner

If your Company complies with the social, environmental and ethical responsibility requirements set out in our Charter of Values, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and begin the process towards becoming our partner. We like to create innovative and quality products together. We are committed to ensuring a more sustainable supply chain, while measuring the relevant impact.

The Code of Conduct

What do we require from potential suppliers to start a partnership with Yamamay?

  • Respect for human rights and workers’ rights
  • Adoption of environmental protection principles
  • Adoption of animal health and welfare principles
  • Adoption of product safety and quality principles
  • Adoption of the principles relating to respect for business ethics

Download the Code of Conduct

Packaging Guidelines

Our packaging selection guidelines are based on the following principles:

  • reduction in the amount of materials used
  • simplification of the structure of the products with a view to eco-design, favouring single-material or easily removable items to facilitate reuse and recyclability
  • reduction of the use of virgin raw materials, especially if of fossil origin, favouring materials from renewable sources or recycling
  • design of objects that can be used for a long period of time, reused and recycled
  • selection of materials with a validated sustainability performance, supported by documentary evidence and measurements and that, where possible, have been certified using materials that comply with our Restricted Substances List (RSL)
  • compliance with the European Directive 2004/12/EC on packaging and packaging waste

Download the Packaging Guidelines

The pillars of sustainability

We only choose partners that share the same vision for sustainable growth as we have :

  • Process traceability and supply chain monitoring
  • Growth of organisational health and corporate social responsibility
  • Conscious use of resources to reduce environmental impact
  • Use of materials with a lower environmental impact
  • Development of practices for reuse, recycling and eco-design

Download the Quality standard manual

Download the Charter of Sustainability Values

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