Our garments are strongly linked to the business purpose, where the well-being of customers is at the very centre of our work, thanks to an offer of durable and high-quality products, accompanied by a strong focus on sustainability and the responsibility of our actions.

For this reason, the research we conduct, aimed at creating products that meet the needs of our customers in terms of quality, safety and innovation, is constantly advancing.



We design and create products with three guidelines in mind: comfort, style and innovation. Highly technical, functional and sustainable garments, for a type of fashion that keeps up with the times and satisfies the needs of today’s consumers.



The design, focused on the well-being of the individual, is combined with the choice of eco-friendly materials. This is the philosophy that accompanies the Yamamay underwear line, where the central elements of design aimed at enhancing, protecting and supporting different body shapes, are combined with an increasing attention to reducing waste and environmental impact.



Our elegant range of nightwear brings you a touch of glamour and comfort. Each collection includes a set of matching accessories that enhance the design. Yamamay looks after its customers’ well-being while dressing them in the latest fashion.

Moda mare


Yamamay swimwear and beach accessories embody the same spirit as other product lines: style and fit. Two aspects that integrate perfectly with a corporate policy made up of circular economy projects, concrete investments in sustainable innovation and protection of the marine environment.

Well-being, innovation and sustainability

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