The results achieved

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indirect market based emissions


FSC certified paper for packaging  


recycled plastic used in 2022


shops and locations with LED lighting

Emissions monitoring

We are monitoring the emissions into the atmosphere from direct and indirect energy activities and consumption:

  • SCOPE 1: Directemissions from the use of fossil fuels to power corporate vehicles
  • SCOPE 2: “Indirectemissions attributable to the purchase of electricity produced by third parties and in places other than use, but still our responsibility as an we are the end user
  • SCOPE 3: Indirectemissions related to the our value chain, both in the upstream and downstream phases. Although not directly controlled by us, they are still attributable to our corporate activities.
    Calcolo emissioni SCOPE 3

Photovoltaic Production Monitoring

Energy is a precious element that must be used carefully.

For this reason, during 2021, we installed a photovoltaic system in Gallarate headquarters, which allows us to reduce CO2 emissions and produce energy for self-consumption.


Energy production from June 2021


Self produced power


COemission saved


Equivalent trees planted
A concrete commitment to the circular economy

We are part of Retex.Green, the reference consortium of producers and for producers in the textile and fashion world. Retex.Green aims to anticipate future trends in regulations on recycling and offers an operational tool to the supply chain.

Pratiche sostenibilii

Promotion of sustainable best practices
Retex.Green is committed to scalable and measurable sustainability, supports companies in eco-design, aims to increase reuse and recycling through research and innovation, and adopts rigorous reporting models inspired by maximum transparency.

Tutela del brand

Protection of the brand
Retex.Green has chosen not to rely on in-house recycling operators but, rather, to collaborate with selected operators in the field, with the aim of guaranteeing lawfulness, traceability and brand protection.

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The strategy in line with the SDGs

Territory and biodiversity protection

We are at the forefront of efforts on raising awareness about respecting and protecting the marine ecosystem. Since 2018 – the year it was founded – we have been collaborating with the One Ocean Foundation (OOF), with the aim of promoting a better knowledge of marine biodiversity and of the blue economy.

M.A.R.E. Project

A citizen science program designed aimed at promoting scientific dissemination and research on the marine environment.

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Progetto MARE
Life below water

Dissemination of a sustainable environmental culture

At Yamamay, we invest resources and energy to develop an environmental culture aimed at achieving the goals and targets of the UN 2030 Agenda.


A project focused on sustainability, which Yamamay has joined as main partner for the RS21 sailing class.


RS21 cup
Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable stores

We have made the conscious decision to take action to reduce the environmental impact by designing sustainable stores. From furniture to lighting, from the use of energy to the packaging of our products, up to the delivery of goods and the disposal of waste: everything is the result of continuous research aimed at combining sustainability and modernity.

New sustainable stores

In Siena and Venice, the first two stores designed to minimise the environmental impact.

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Negozi sostenibili
Climate action
Affordable and clean energy

Sustainable packaging

Recently, we have taken many actions to help reduce the amount of packaging for each individual product, while increasing the percentage of recycled materials used.

Reduce and recycle

The activities undertaken to modify packaging and make it greener and more sustainable.

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Packaging responsabile
Climate action
Affordable and clean energy


The garments we produce respond, in an increasingly more concrete manner, to the demand for sustainability, from design and development to the supply of resources. Our goal is to free ourselves from the linear economy, moving towards virtuous circular processes.

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Our vision

We only know one way to give value to the concept of sustainability: committing ourselves with a sense of responsibility, one step at a time, to create a better future.

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