We have made the conscious decision to take action to reduce the environmental impact by setting up sustainable stores.

From furniture to lighting, from the use of energy to the packaging of our products, up to the delivery of goods and the disposal of waste: everything is the result of continuous research aimed at combining sustainability and modernity.


of tCO2e in 2020


of tCO2e in 2021


of tCO2e in 2022

The planet is our home and we must defend it and treat it with love.

Special design elements made of recycled materials, dressing room curtains made of eco-friendly fabrics, walls and ceilings painted with ecological paint, optimised energy systems and careful waste management: all the key factors that can help us reduce waste have been carefully considered.

The first sustainable store in Siena

Concept store

Concept store
The balanced and sustainable design takes care of both the customers and the planet. The natural features of the store host a contemporary design where ecology and technology meet each other to welcome customers. Innovation, creativity, quality,  digital technology, lightness and sensuality are the feature of the new store. 

Tecnologia impiegata

Different technological devices have been installed inside the store for a better monitoring of energy consumption, air quality and purification.


LED lights are used for stores signs and lightening to reduce economical and environmental impact.

Materiali impiegati

In order to reduce the environmental impact, partially recycled and natural-based materials have been used, made by leading companies committed to safeguard our planet’s natural resources.