The Yamamay Welfare Project, available to the whole company, has enabled us to provide employees with certain benefits, either in the form of expense reimbursement, or as direct purchases by the selected provider.


Recreation and sports
Beauty farms, spas / wellness centres, fitness, gyms, sports facilities, travel, memberships to private clubs / associations, entrances / subscriptions to cinemas, theatres or museums, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, hobby and extra-professional courses, language courses, cultural courses for employees and their families



Family care and support
Home assistance for the elderly over the age of 75, reimbursement of expenses for services to support dependent family members, care services for elderly family members


Schooling and education
Kindergartens, summer and winter camps, school textbooks, tax refund for schools of all levels, reimbursement service for babysitting


Affiliated restaurants, grocery / food vouchers, fuel vouchers and shopping vouchers

Trasporto pubblico

Public transport passes
Discounts / reimbursement on public transport for employees and dependent family members

We also offer our employees the possibility of part-time work and health and prevention incentives. In this regard, in 2021, a Collective Accident Insurance Policy available to all head office employees was introduced, which provides coverage in the event of permanent disability or death.

Employee with a permanent contract for at least six months may benefit from the package of health benefits made available by Fondo Est, the supplementary health care for the trade sector. Through the dedicated portal, employees can access the various services available under the health plan, from reimbursements for specialist medical visits, to the maternity package and diagnostic tests.

Health is important: within our welfare project valuable partnerships have been integrated to give our employees the opportunity to always look after themselves.

Loghi Lilt ANT

For example, every year we offer our female employees the opportunity to undergo breast exams free of charge, including ultrasound screenings, in collaboration with LILT. For male employees, we offer free andrological examinations, in collaboration with the Fondazione ANT. Also with the ANT Foundation, we offer dermatological visits free of charge for all our employees, for the timely diagnosis of suspicious or neoplastic lesions.

Logo Diana ODV

But that’s not all: our daily commitment to supporting prevention campaigns has been consolidated with the introduction, in the company cafeteria of the Gallarate head office, of menus recommended by the “Diana diet”, created by the DIANA ODV Luisa Romano Association, according to the guidelines defined by the IEO, the European Institute of Oncology. The goal is to offer a diet with an optimal supply of nutrients, capable of guaranteeing the assimilation of substances which play a protective and preventive role against certain pathological conditions.

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